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Im a disabled women on a fixed income.With alot of health issues. Iam taking care of my

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You should be getting at the minimum food stamps and medicaid for them. If you are that disabled not sure how you can even take care of them.
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woman in a shoe
Hi this is only a info site look down from this post u will see a list of places that helps with Christmas. For food and clothes call churchs and see which one give out food and free clothes closet. There no cash or gift cards on this site everyone that comes on here needs some kind of help for as for as santa goes they can see him for free. For a Christmas tree look on craiglist under free stuff and see if anyone given away a tree call or text what ever it saids to do. Also why have u not sign up for welfare for these kids I have something to ask u do u read the Bible? God saids i will make a way for u. Hope to here from u.
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